Abstract Art

Art historians say the Atomic Bomb created abstract art. It shattered the IMAGE as it had been before and replaced it with forms and patterns and just color and non color. Abstract Expressionism came out post World War 11 America. For the first time America was the art center of the world. American artists dominated the world art scene. And the art they produced was Abstract Expressionism.

Hands down my favorite art is Abstract Expressionism. The power that comes through this work is inspiring to me. Families often comment how their fathers never talked about their experience in the war. They were glad to have survived it and painfully aware of all those who didn’t. It is in the silence of Abstract Expressionism that I find Its power. No image, only paint on canvas. For me it is the abstract power of color to stand alone and hold its own. Oils are the perfect medium because the pigments are direct and unadulterated. They change over time and change with the light. To my eye they are beautiful.

Of course there is a name for paintings like mine. They are called Color Field Paintings…. where “color is freed from objective content and becomes the subject itself”. I like bright vibrant unyielding color. Bold and Optimistic. To me it engages the eye and pleases the senses. My hope is that my paintings open up ones eyes to the color all around us.

The art in this collection is oil on and canvas and oil on silk. The silks are wall hangings and are displayed free of frame.

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