3-D Opt Art

Why 3D THEY ASK? Who knows is my reply. I became fascinated with making a flat image pop especially when the image is just balls of color. We have tried with the opening motif, actually the first 3D painting I did, to separate out the colors so you could get a taste of how it looks through the 3-D lensed glasses. However, to see the effect on your screen you need the 3-D glasses. We are offering a FREE pair of 3-D glasses. Just email us your address and we will mail you a pair. If you live in New Orleans or are visiting you are welcome to come by the studio and check out the 3-D Collection for yourself and pick up your free pair.

At my art shows I introduce the 3D prints to people who have never seen 3D from print. Maybe a 3D movie or knowledge of 3D movies is what they know. This is my explanation. Basically a canvas or sheet of paper is a flat plane. When I draw a road receding from the plane; lets say a car going down the road toward a mountain in the distance, people accept that as reality and they are comfortable with it. However starting from the same flat plane, if I draw the car coming out from the plane toward the viewer, that does not seem real to them and they think it is a trick, and they want to know how I do it. Most 3D is a drawing technique as demonstrated in the Spoon Series 3D cereal boxes. Because I’m into color and use color to create the effect in my paintings I use the 3-D glasses to create the pop.

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