Judy Filipich is a New Orleans based artist who rode out Katrina at her family home on the Point in Biloxi, Mississippi. Katrina took the house, the Point Cadet neighborhood, and everything she owned including her artwork and that of all her artist friends and lovers. Her collection now resides in the Gulf of Mexico. When she made here way back to New Orleans in 2009, she lived in her studio in the Bywater. For three years 2009-2012 she painted oils on canvas and oils on silk for her Abstract Art Series.

In 2012 she bought ironically a Katrina Cottage in the New Marigny neighborhood, walking distance from her old haunts in the French Quarter. It was here that she developed her Conceptual Art series based on the idea that she would find a way to reuse, repurpose, and recycle everything she brought into the new house.What flowed was a series of wacky whimsical sculptures made of plastic, styrofoam, cardboard; you name it.

Some where in the mix, she became fascinated by 3D images and created prints and assemblages in 3-D. Working with color the prints are flat 2D color images which  transform when seen through 3-D lensed glasses. The Spoon Series Assemblages highlight the use of 3-D  images in the everyday items we discard daily. Graphic artists use 3-D drawing  techniques and bright, optimistic colors to compete for your attention.

As a total deviation and new palette, from her garden she began to glue dried branches and flowers, and whatever to create her Nature Series. Very different from the bright colors she favors, these collages are more a monochromatic symphony in brown.

The Collection spans the period 2009-2017. All post Katrina, all painted, glued and fabricated in New Orleans.