Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art begins with a Concept. Simple enough. It originates in the mind as opposed to in the heart and even in the eye itself. Its an idea which has its own internal order and keeps an internal rhythm; going back time and again to the original impetus for the idea, what am I doing and why am I doing it.

Take as my example, the simple Concept that I would not throw anything away. Hurricane Katrina took everything so I was starting from Zero which I thought gave me a fighting chance. I was wrong. The most challenging aspect is the amount of packaging that comes with anything and everything we buy. One item generates a pile of cardboard, styrofoam, paper, plastic, on and on. Don’t get me started on plastic bags, and coffee cups, caps and straws. We toss and think nothing of it. They are showing up in our oceans and even in the bellies of our fish.

My Conceptual Art Series spans a five year period from 2012 when I bought my house to the present. At one point the collection of detritus and rubbish reached upwards to the 10 foot ceiling of my living room/studio.You would think I was a hoarder. I am not a dumpster diver and nothing came out of garbage, except for an occasional pick up of styrofoam and smashed bottle caps on the street. All of the material used in the sculptures and assemblages came from my own personal consumption. I purchased and consumed all the cereal in the cereal boxes, the candy bars in the wrappers; you get the idea. At one point I realized the only way out is to stop consuming and to be smarter. Say no to plastic bags, not easy. Now I buy in bulk where possible . Compost not my cup of tea. Overall I am just more aware of my own habits and look to change them when possible. There is no happy ending. Its an ongoing challenge. I have the advantage of being an avid Gluer, if that’s a word. What you will find in my Conceptual Art series is a collection of sculptures which I find endearing, and which blend incongruous elements to form unique personalities. Who knew?

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